Wedding Songs: Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Ceremony

Wedding Songs
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wedding songs


Background music is very important in any situation, but especially in a moment that’s already important by itself. This means that every time you remember that moment, certain songs will come into your mind and so you can feel the same sensation you had then, through your memories.

Some couples already have their favourite songs or personal preferences; others feel quite lost just by thinking about it. One thing that is worthwhile to do is also hearing the opinion of the music professionals hired for the event. The guys live in the musical world and can transmit you the news and versions that match what you want.

I often say there are no rules when it comes to planning a wedding. Often an idea just needs to be stoned to become the most striking point of the event. You must be able to “hear” even what you cannot speak, to feel what you imagine and expect from the great day, and when you can do that you will be sure that it won’t be just the songs that will remain in your memory.

Here are some practical tips that will probably help you when it comes to picking your wedding songs:

    • Include in your list songs that you both like and that are part of your story.


    • Don’t forget that the party is also for the guests! It’s not because you like rock, for example, that you should play only this genre in your wedding. Think of an eclectic repertoire that pleases everyone.


    • For the religious ceremony, there are two important things to have in mind: the songs must have to do with the characteristics of the couple. And the second issue is to not forget that because it’s a religious ceremony, there are some concerns in choosing the songs. Especially if the place is a church with established rules.


    • When choosing international music, try to know the translation to not take the risk of having a beautiful melody talking about subjects that don’t match the moment.


    • Imagine yourself listening to the songs chosen for the big day 10 years later. Classics (both erudite and popular) are usually always remembered with the same emotion years later.


    • The sound must be of prime quality. Whether you choose a DJ, a band or orchestra, etc., look for reliable suppliers.


    • Don’t experiment on your wedding day. Try to hire professionals you’ve seen playing at least once or at least have a good indication. 


    • When deciding between DJ or band to your party, calmly study the pros and cons of each. At the first meeting with the supplier (DJ, band, or orchestra), make it clear what the couple’s style is, the kind of wedding you are planning, and list the points that are most important to you. For example, if you don’t want to touch a particular musical style at the event, say so. In the case of the band, especially, ask if they are willing to make minor changes to the repertoire if that is important to you. For the DJ, plan the set list a few days in advance and avoid asking for changes on the day of the event. 


  • Remember that some wedding moments call for music that provides excitement; others, joy, relaxation. Both the religious ceremony and the party have their dynamics. The religious ceremony begins with softer songs; it should announce the entrance of the groom with a little more ‘pomp’ and reaches the climax with the entrance of the bride, the most anticipated moment. Flower girls and page boys call for laid-back songs that match the spontaneity of children. The blessing of the rings is an introspective and emotional moment. Compliments call for ever-growing music that matches the excitement of groomsmen, bridesmaids and parents. The departure of the newlyweds is already the beginning of the party. 

After presenting your wishes regarding wedding songs and choosing the supplier, trust their work. They will certainly work to make everything happen as you like. By choosing a good provider and presenting your wishes for the soundtrack of the big day, you and your guests will certainly enjoy the event in the best possible way: with emotion in the right measure and lots of joy!

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