Wedding Colour Palette: Grey & Yellow

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Combining a neutral colour with a vibrant one always turn into good results, but the grey and yellow combo it’s just too good to be ignored. Perfect colour palette for a spring/summer wedding, grey and yellow is joyful and rustic without exaggeration which would complement beautifully an outdoor ceremony with lots of nature around.

With plenty of yellow flowers to choose from, such as sunflowers, roses, dahlias and gerberas, this colour scheme can also make use of yellow fruits like lemons and melons to make it even more stylish. Grey can also be replaced/complemented with silver metals to add a touch of class to the overly radiant yellow.

This colour palette also makes everything easier for the grooms who don’t have to think much about their suit colour: there are endless shades of grey to choose from! Matched with a fun yellow tie will leave them modernly ready for business.

Choosing two different shades of each colour plus a shade of white you can rest assured your wedding ceremony will be anything but boring.

yellow-shoes Yellow-Grey-Wedding-Invitation yellow-grey-wedding-cake yellow-grey-decor yellow-grey-bouquet yellow-gray-paper-hearts-gray-and-yellow-wedding-garland-yellow-and-gray yellow-decor yellow-bridesmaid yellow-and-grey-wedding-bouquet-bridal-brooch-bouquet yellow_grey_wedding_invitations grey-yellow-wedding-shoes grey-yellow-wedding-cake grey-yellow-table-decor2 grey-yellow-table-decor grey-yellow-table grey-yellow-monogram-wedding grey-yellow-groom-2 grey-yellow-groom grey-yellow-favours grey-yellow-cupcakes grey-yellow-bridesmaids2 grey-yellow-bridesmaids grey-and-yellow-flower-girl-tutu-dress grey and yellow table

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Sharing is Caring! Show us some love:


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