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At The It Bride Project, we’re always looking for successfully completed wedding projects to serve as inspiration for the new brides-to-be. Our readers, as much as myself, love the kind of content that is not only beautiful but also unique, trendsetting, handmade, highly creative, stylish and distinctive in anyways. If you think your wedding is a good fit, send it over! We’d love to see it! As a rule, we only publish professional shots (with copyright credited) that haven’t been published elsewhere (other wedding/bridal blogs or websites). However, we can always make an exception if your wedding is worth it. If your photos are stored on Flickr, Dropbox, personal wedding website, photographers’ website or any other online gallery, please paste the link in the appropriate field below as well as with the other details required. If not, please contact us using the same form below, so we can instruct you about the best way to send them. We’ll contact you within a week if we think your wedding is a good fit. Good luck!
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