Real Weddings: Ashley & Brad

Ashley & Brad
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Couple: Ashley and Brad Spainhoward

Engagement: October 8th 2015

Wedding Date: September 24th 2016

Where: Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Colour Palette: Marsala, Navy Blue, Blush and Ivory

Theme: Rustic Vintage

Wedding photos by Ashton Dawn Photography


The beauty of choosing an outside venue for your wedding is that you can count on nature to do most of the decorative work for you. Maybe Ashley and Brad didn’t have that in mind when they chose the Jennings Creek Pavillion for their wedding ceremony, but the results of their choice are undoubtedly noticed on their incredible photos.

Despite the good landscape, the props used in the decoration (special attention to the old car and the wooden door Ashley stands in front) also contributed beautifully with the rustic theme with vintage touches they chose. Their theme combined with a clever colour scheme, mixing dark with neutral colours should definitely be imitated for a particularly interesting look.

Ashley nailed: the choice of venue and props.

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