Bride ProjectThe It Bride Project is exactly what the name suggests: a project.

Admittedly or not, every woman dreams of the perfect wedding, with the perfect partner, in the perfect location, in a perfect moment… An It Girl knows perfection requires planning, a massive lot of it, and as soon as we start to think about all those incredible little details that make a wedding even more special, the best. Even when you’re not actually getting married just yet, like me. I’m Talita Soncini and at The It Bride Project I’m going to share with you the chicest content, full of ideas and tips to help you plan your wedding (actual or future) in great style and detail. Because an It Girl always has a plan. I also show my other face at talitaswanderlust.com where I write about my travel adventures and misadventures. Needless to say, I will be delighted to see you there too. Enjoy it!