Dried Flowers: A Charmingly Clever Alternative for Your Wedding Decor

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Every time I think about wedding decoration, there is always one detail that leaves me absolutely confused: flowers. To use or not to use them?

It’s a fact that flowers make any wedding decoration look incredible and complement beautifully any colour scheme, but personally, I just cannot decide if it’s wise to spend a lot of money to decorate with something that is going to die and be throw away in a really short period of time.

I also know I’m probably not the only one who feels heartbroken thinking about this matter, but what is a girl to do? What are the options to decorate your wedding with the same impact, but a bit more clever?

Dried Flowers: The new trend in wedding floral decoration

It’s thinking about the downsides of using fresh flowers that a new trend in wedding decoration is currently arising: the use of dried flowers on both bridal bouquets and general arrangements as a distinctive and stylish alternative, which also combines perfectly with the actual rustic and vintage wave. With the plus side of being able to keep your flowers as a sweet souvenir of your wedding day.

Ellie Truscott, a florist specialised in dried flowers from Cornwall, UK is assertive about the advantages of using this technique to create infinite possibilities of arrangements with a wild, rustic and quirky look.

I got into using dried flowers because I always get sad when they die, but this way they are preserved and last as long as you want them, a beautiful reminder of a special time – says Ellie.


Ellie's dried flowers


A bride who considers using dried flowers in her wedding decoration must, first of all, choose the right flowers, since not all of them can go through the drying process.

It’s best to use flowers that have a papery feel, herbaceous perennials, roses, hydrangeas… Stay away from bulbs such as daffodils or tulips as these are sappier and will just wilt. My favourites are Gypsophila, Echinops, Achillea and roses – advises Ellie.


Ellie's dried flowers


After choosing the flowers, they will spend up to four weeks, depending on the flower, hanging in a dry spot out of direct sunlight or being treated with silica gel balls. This time window should also be kept in mind before placing an order since there is a lot of preparation required.

As it’s expected, with such advantages and a longer production process involved, the cost to have dried flowers arrangements are slightly higher than the cost of using fresh flowers, however, by choosing the first option, both your investment and your flowers will have a more meaningful purpose and time span.


dried flowers bouquet


Another bonus of using dried bouquets and floral arrangements is the facility of delivery. Considering they don’t need water, the floral arrangements can travel longer lengths, making it possible to be bought abroad and choosing amongst exotic options that you normally wouldn’t have the chance to.


If you’re planning an outdoors wedding or a ceremony with a more rustic feel, give dry flowers a chance and be astounded with the results!


*Would you like more information? Ellie Truscott can be found on Instagram: @theflowerpressshop and on Facebook: @EllieRoseGardens
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