3 Considerations to Make Before Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cake
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The wedding cake is almost as important as the bride’s dress. It needs to be beautiful, yummy, matching the style of the couple and still fit into the party budget. So, it needs to be well chosen. But to have a perfect wedding cake, the bride should pay attention to some details, among them the decoration, the size, the filling, the place where the cake will be placed.

If you already have the cake in mind, just look for a fairy godmother to materialise this dream. Otherwise, the tip is to look for wedding cake photos to use as a reference in building your wedding. From there, just customise it any way you want. Luckily, I can help you with that!

Wedding Cake Decoration

An important tip is to combine the cake with the party style. So, don’t invent too much and be careful about colour mixing. Using a modern cake at a wedding party with classic decor may not be a good fit, but nothing prevents you from using your creativity however you want.

The wedding cake decor needs to be delicate. Flowers of varying sizes, bows and polka dots are some very popular examples, but there are options for all tastes. The traditional cake toppers never go out of style and can be personalised, leaving the party with the bride and groom’s mark.

Wedding Cake Filling

The rule that less is always more is quite valid in choosing the filling of the wedding cake. Mixing several flavours can make it sickening. Also, don’t forget that your guests have different tastes and maybe too unusual combinations won’t please most of them.

Choose a classic and mild flavour. The most traditional which usually pleases most guests are chocolate, vanilla cream, walnuts, coconut and berries. When served with ice cream, the wedding cake turns into a delicious dessert.

Choose the Right Amount

In order not to risk being short in quantities, consider 100gr. per guest if the cake is the only sweet to be served by the buffet. As not everyone eats the cake, calculating the amount to about 30% of the guests is enough. If the party has sweets and the more the quantity and variety of them, the less cake should be ordered.

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