7 Tips to Avoid Turning Into Bridezilla

Tips to Avoid Turning Into Bridezilla
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Tips to Avoid Turning Into Bridezilla


The months before the wedding can leave any bride out of her mind. Many concerns, many doubts and that endless anxiety that only a bride who knows the dreamed date is coming soon has.

These are days where the bride spends only thinking about her wedding and wondering if everything will work out and will happen as she dreamed of.

All this nervous feeling and anxiety is absolutely normal for a bride who is a few days from her wedding. Usually, the preparations begin a year earlier and this expectation ends up being a bit exhausting as there are many details involved.

Thinking about these moments of anxiety, we’ve listed the seven tips you can follow to stay under control and not turning into a bridezilla:

1. Ask for help in the final preparations

Even for those brides who like to arrange everything by themselves, it’s important that in the final moments, someone is hired or some family member or friend take responsibility for the final details. Brides who want to take care of everything end up becoming overwhelmed and, therefore, become more stressed and anxious.

On the wedding day, the bride should only worry about getting ready and looking beautiful for her day. Final preparations, such as party details and some last-minute contingencies, should be handled by someone who is not so involved in the wedding and can make the right decisions.

2. Practice Exercise

Any activity that takes the focus off the wedding is imperative in the final moments. Brides should engage in some physical activity. It’s interesting that they practice some exercise to keep the body relaxed and the mind under control.

Physical activity will be the time when the bride will overflow and release all the worries. Aside from the endorphin that is released during activity, it will serve as a tranquillizer to alleviate the bride of all the tension of the moment.

3. Share decisions with the groom

The bride shouldn’t take care of everything herself. The engagement of the groom is necessary at all times that involve the preparation of the wedding. When sharing decisions, the bride takes a big responsibility from her back and having the groom on the side to help her is always a way to stay calm.

In the days leading up to the wedding, his presence will leave the bride calmer by knowing that the decisions were shared and that, therefore, everything is the way she and her fiancé wanted, reflecting the personality of both. If something goes wrong, she also knows that it’s not just her fault, since the groom was also involved.

4. Practice activities that take the focus off your wedding

Bride and groom focused only on the preparation of the wedding can bring much tension to the couple. So as a way to blur attention only on this theme, anything that helps the bride and groom break away from the preparations will help them relax.

Rides, going to the cinema, theatre, dinners, meeting with friends… All this should be part of the routine that precedes the wedding so the couple, apart from taking the focus off the wedding, can also have fun moments together. This is also great for the couple to stay connected and avoid fighting over the preparations.

5. Prepare a pampering day

There are some rather simple activities that help make the bride quite relaxed on her wedding day. Some important tips are breathing exercises, a relaxing massage, listening to good music… Simply turn off bad news and don’t take responsibility for organising details and unexpected events of this day is ideal.

To have a perfect day, it’s important that tip one is followed and that all these details and unforeseen final don’t reach the bride. It’s better not to have access to some detail of the wedding that didn’t go as expected as well. After all, bride and groom will be the last people to solve the problem.

6. Maintain a balanced diet

Proper nutrition and the right nutrients will make the bride calmer and less stressed. In addition, you’ll avoid last-minute concerns like pimples, dry hair and unwanted fat.

Some foods also help control anxiety and can serve as natural calming agents. Invest in a diet that includes them to keep your anxiety under control. Citrus fruits, legumes, meats and fish are great for this moment.

7. Make a good plan and follow it

Having a good plan and follow it helps you to not have last minute concerns such as lack of money or preparations that should have been arranged before. Anything that can be organised earlier, preferably months in advance, eliminates responsibilities and leaves the couple more relaxed.

If you are having a last-minute wedding, planning is even more indispensable. Divide the chores with the groom and do a little each day, so you can get the day ready and you can enjoy it without worry.

The best tip is to control yourself and think positive. You have planned yourself, organised everything as you have always dreamed, shared responsibilities, you can be sure that everything will go as expected, and if there is any unforeseen detail, there will be a person of your confidence who will take care of everything.

Enjoy this moment of yours and get beautiful and super calm to enjoy the day of your dreamed wedding.

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