7 Essential Tips to Write Your Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows
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wedding vows


The exchange of wedding vows is one of the most special moments of your ceremony. The bride and groom declare their love, make promises, and give themselves over to each other at the altar. It’s beautiful, magical, special and unforgettable. At least it should be. It turns out that some couples have trouble getting “started”, knowing what to write, what is important and what is not.

If you and your future spouse are writing your own vows, you will have the opportunity to create a very personal experience that will move your guests. However, it can be scary too. You will be sharing your most intimate thoughts of love for your fiancé in front of a crowd of people. And you want to be sweet and show how much you love him, without feeling silly or soppy. I’ve put together a few interesting and useful steps to minimise the struggle and help you create your own vows:

You can write your vows on your own or with your groom

If you write by yourself, it will be a different process than writing with him. You also have to decide whether you will say the same vows or different ones. Make sure you talk about it as soon as you decide to write your vows so there are no surprises.

If you don’t know how to start, remember some special moment

Some moment you spent together, or something that drew attention to your personalities, maybe a funny story of both of you. Is he funny? Affectionate? Does he always know exactly the right thing to say? Think of all the things that make your heart beat when you think about him. This will show you and your guests how much you care about him.

It’s nice to talk about when you first fell in love

When did you know you were going to be together forever?

Comment on a joke

Is there any joke that only you two know? You can be sure that only he will understand.

Think about the future and the promises you want to keep

He will spend the rest of his life at your side (hopefully), and you will do everything possible so that each moment is special. What do you want to promise him? This is the chance for you to evaluate the things that make your relationship special and the things that are unique to you. Be specific, but don’t say anything that will embarrass either of you!

Always be honest

This will make your eyes shine, people laugh and words stay in your minds forever.

Don’t extend too much

Be brief, speak slowly and create intonations for the sentences. And write it a few days before the wedding to give time to train in front of the mirror. Try to keep it under 3 minutes. And, if necessary, limit the number of words you two will use.

Writing your vows is a very personal way of showing your love for each other as you promise to share your life together. It’s a unique moment of yours!

The video below is a very good example of amazing personal vows. Watch it and try not to feel emotional:


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