6 Unique Wedding Cake Flavours to Wow Your Guests

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When it comes to wedding cakes the usual recommendation is to keep it simple and stick to the classic.

Despite this is the best way to please a larger number of people, if you are a more sophisticated and adventurous bride, you might feel your wedding cake can be perfect to show some innovation and personality to your wedding guests.

Playing with the flavour of your cake can be a tricky task and requires not only an ultimate good taste but also a great dose of common sense that only the most experienced cake designers and bakers have developed over the years.

Nadia Jay, the baker at Cake Me by Surprise advises that it’s always important to choose flavours that will complement the meal you have chosen for the wedding breakfast, therefore if the meal is light, then choosing a richer flavour for your cake should be a must. 

“If you are having a 4-5 course meal, possibly choose lighter options with an almond, honey or vanilla based sponge, over the chocolate and fruit cakes”, says Nadia.

Another piece of great advice Nadia offers is to choose flavours that are seasonal, so for summer weddings, it would be lovely to go with citrus flavours, and opt for wild berry jams and passion fruit curds. 

“Consider serving your cakes with fresh berries, and you can always request your baker/venue assist with providing fresh creams to be enjoyed with the cake upon its cutting”, advises Nadia.

And she also comments:

“In the autumn, chestnut and ginger sponged cakes are divine, or maybe consider an apple spiced cake or pumpkin”. 

If you think less is bore instead of more, check out below our favourite unique wedding cake flavours suggested by Cake Me by Surprise:

Unique Wedding Cake Flavours
Chocolate cake infused with a crushed garden mint syrup accompanied by a fresh blueberry frosting


Unique Wedding Cake Flavours
Coconut-chocolate sponge cake, completed with a tropical mango frosting and passion fruit curd


Unique Wedding Cake Flavours
Fresh fig sponge, with pecans cinnamon and nutmeg, to be enjoyed with a goat’s cheese and honey buttercream


Unique Wedding Cake Flavours
Mango and passion fruit coconut cake


Unique Wedding Cake Flavours
Strawberry and Basil


Unique Wedding Cake Flavours
Lemon and Thyme


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